Google has now purchased Youtube. The benefit of adding video content has increased for all businesses both large and small.

Here are some statistics to start with:

  •  3.7 Billion Youtube searches per day as of March 2010 according to comScore
  • 48 Hours worth of Video uploaded every minute on May 2011
  • More than 3 Billion views every day
  • 13 million hours worth of video uploaded in 2010 alone
  • 700 billion video playbacks in 2010
  • Youtube owns 10% of the entire Internet Traffic
The difference between a website with videos versus one without is a characteristic that carries much weight with Google’s search engine. If you include video content in your website will increase the authority of your website and thus improve its position on Google’s search results, also it is almost expected that you provide videos on your website.
Another excellent reason for creating videos for your company is that videos are definitely more likely to "go viral" than simple text entries in social media posts. You should expend the effort and make sure that your company creates a video as part of your seo marketing plan.

The best part about using Youtube for your company videos is that embedding the Youtube link on your site saves bandwidth, meaning a faster download time for customers when they visit your page. However, make sure that you take full advantage of the SEO and branding options available through Youtube by following the simple tips below.

The key is to help Google, and video viewers relate the video with your website.

There are several ways to accomplish this. One way is to always include a link in the description of your video. This helps both Google and your video viewers find you.

Another method is to insert a message suggesting action to take and link to your website at the end of the video. This will definitely get you more site visits.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about Youtube.


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