Website Optimization / On-site SEO

On Site SEO

A key component of seo is developing a strong website with the proper enhancements to allow search engines to gather information to assist it in positioning your companys position on the search engines results. Ge go to great lengths to ensure that your website is Google-friendly from a technical perspective. The goal is to make the site free of roadblocks that might hinder the efforts of search engines to rank your page well.

On Page Factors

On The Page search ranking factors are those that are entirely within the publisher’s own control. Are you providing important HTML clues that help search engines with determining relevancy? How does your site architecture help or hinder search engines? The following are some of the optimization steps that shoul be considered:

  • Optimize No-Follow Links
  • Optimize JavaScript
  • Optimize Alt Tags
  • Optimize CSS (Style Sheet)
  • Optimize H1, H2 (Header Tags)
  • Optimize Flash
  • HTML Sitemap Optimization
  • XML Sitemap and Submission
  • Add/Optimize Site Footer
  • Improving Site Architecture
  • Navigational Menu Optimization
  • Improve Code Structure
  • Page Speed Analysis
  • Add Descriptive Title Tags to Links
  • Add Canonical Link Tags
  • Link Flow
  • 301 Redirect Analysis
  • 404 Page Not Found Optimization
  • Robots.txt File Optimization
  • Duplicate Content Evaluation
  • Enhancement of Existing Content
  • Meta Descriptions and Titles

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about Website Optimization.


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