Website Analysis

What is website analysis?

SEO (search engine optimization) competitive analysis is the study of how your competitors optimize their websites for search engines. With the results of this analysis, you may be able to compete better for some of the same keywords as well as some new ones and acquire more backlinks. In short: observe that your competitors do to optimize their sites for search engines, and then do it better.

How to analyze the website

Various SEO competitive analysis tools are available, both free and commercial. A search for "SEO competitive analysis tools" or something similar (without the quotation marks) will produce links to them. You can also analyze your competition's SEO techniques yourself by examining what your competitors have done. Either way, the following is some of what to look for when doing an SEO competitive analysis.

Identify shortcomings

You probably already know most of your direct competitors in the industry. They're the ones that offer a similar range of products or services and target the same market. But you may have some SEO competitors that don't fit that description. Do a search for the keywords that you'd like to rank well for, and make a list of what sites appear higher in SERPs. When the same sites appear before yours in several searches for keywords that you're targeting, those sites are your SEO competition.

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