SEO Strategy


SEO tasks can be different depending on whether seo has already been started or if this is a new effort.

Previous effort

If whomever was previously doing your promotion was doing their job, you would probably not be visiting our site.
We will need to review the work performed to date to see what level of optimization they reached. If Google has banned your site then a completely different strategy needs to be planned. There is no "off the shelf" solution for serious problems. We will be glad to audit your site and offer suggestion.

New effort

Starting a new campaign is more straight forward.

There are generally 4 steps involved.

  • Competitive Analysis: Let's see who you are competing with and what they are doing promotion wise then create a marketing strategy
  • On site: This is to make sure that your site optimally readable by the search engines. This helps the search engines understand the relevance of your website content and find your pages to index.
  • Off Site: This is to create your sites authority and popularity which increases your ranking. This is done by creating links to your website (backlinks, inbound links).

  • Site Conversions: This is an advertising effort. It is important that the design of your website motivates and maximizes the number of visitors that contact you.

    Essentially, all the information acquired in previous steps need to be considered and a custom strategy that meet you needs needs to be developed.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about Strategy Development.


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