Social Media Networks

A top goal of all online businesses is to have their brand, goods and services recognized by their target audience. As a marketing tool, social media can truly impact your businesses sales.. What you may not know is how large the impact can be and how it can benefit your business.

Social media is a powerful tool that people use to share and connect with one another anywhere in the world at any time. Companies have the unique opportunity to join in conversation. This can be done by connecting with customers through their own social media accounts.

Here are a few of the biggest social media sites on the web and how each of them can benefit your company differently.


Twitter is actually a micro blogging system that lets users publish short messages. Messages might be about their day, funny quotes, or perhaps photos/videos. The beauty of Twitter is that each "tweet" is confined to 140 characters maximum. All messages need to be short, sweet and to the point. Twitter is an excellent tool to communicate with your customers. Tweeeters can tweet about your goods and services with the use of" # Hash tags". They can even tweet with you directly utilizing your companies specific Twitter handle. This enables fast responses from your potential customer base. This gives you an easy place to bid new relationships with your clients.


Facebook is a social networking service. It allows users to connect with one another world wide. Facebook is very supportive of businesses. They offer many tools to facilitate the process. Members can connect with any registered business by liking the company's "fan page". They can then share the your fan page with their friends. A company's fan page is a place where you can questions, post photos, and news for your fans to comment on. Users can interact and chat directly with the business by means of their own fan page and post comments or concerns. This is very helpful in solving customer disputes and in a timely fashion. Facebook also makes analytic tools available that allow page administrators to view posts and which days receive the most likes. Companies are able to measure their "Social ROI" on Facebook and see how that relates to real-time conversion rates.
Also, Facebook offers very targeted paid advertising. For this reason, Facebook might reach more buyers than Google Adwords. The ads when clicked redirect them to either a facebook page or a normal website page.


Pinterest is a pinboard-style social photo sharing site. It allows members to create and manage theme-based image collections. These reflect such things as events, hobbies, interests, and more. Pinterest is an effective tool for business because minutes after a post is made, it can go viral. Not only are followers viewing your post but they are “repinning” your posts then sharing them with all their followers. Pinterest’s easy interface allows for your company to post a picture of any product and include a link to your online website. If your posts are about your products or just general pictures, consumers are viewing and remembering you.


Google Plus is a social network and identity service that currently has over 10 million users. Google Plus integrates the profile that you create very much like other social networks. You can then post a short biography, a few links, photos, and people can contact you using a provided web form. The +1 is a way for you to vote for a site. Google then uses this in the application of their search algorithms which is used by them to determine the sites position on the search results page.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about Social Media.


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