QuikCall™ Feature

We are always looking for ways to improve communication with potential customers (prospects). QuikCall is a truly unique feature invented by us.

The Goal:

The goal of QuikCall™ is to make it as easy as possible for propects (site visitors) to speak with you and get the answers they are looking for.
   Contact Forms on most websites don't get used. Why? How many times have you completed a web form and didn't get a reponse for days... or even never! Many times you get a response when you are no longer interested. That's the view of most web surfers.
   Each minute a prospect waits for answers is another minute that your competitors have to sell them.

How it works:

   There are 2 ways to implement the QuikCall™ feature:
  1. Place a form directly on your page. (you can see it on the right column of this page at the top. Once the form is completed, a notification pop-up appears on the visitor's screen notifying them that they will recieve your call in a few minutes.
    A sound (alert) is played and a pop-up alert window will appear on your screen. It displays the phone number of the person wanting a phone call. (This can be setup to alert your cell phone.

  2. The second option is the same as the first but a link is place on your page (e.g. Click here to recieve a call from us in minutes) instead of a form. Clicking the link will open a pop-up window with the form. This saves screen real estate but is usually less noticable.


   We believe that while a prospect is on your website, no competitors exist. It is up to you to offer them a product or service AT THAT MOMENT! QuikCall™ gives you the opportunity to speak directly with prospects, address their individual issues, upsell, and close the sale. How's that for taking proactive steps to increase sales.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about QuikCall.


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