Content Development / Conversions

Extremely Important but often missed

Now you are at the top of SERPs. Now you wonder where the sales are. The biggest mistake that website owners make is to think that getting visitors to your website will automatically increase sales. There is nothing farther than the truth. In order to convert your site visitors into sales (or inquiries) you need to invest time into your website content.

Content development is very different than website optimization. Website content development is a sales endeavour aimed at humans and website development are technical techniques targeting search engine spiders.

Think of your website as a tv commercial. It needs to address more than just the sale. It needs to incorporate advertising and marketing techniques. This takes a good understanding of marketing and advertising.

There is an old sales question that helps to make the point.
Question: What does a drill salesman sell
Answer: He sells holes.

The idea being that we need to sell the end results (benefits) of our products and services and not the product. Don't get me wrong, we do show the customers our products and services along with any details/specifications. But what we sell are benefits.

Content Development Tips

Here are some issues to contemplate:

  • Does your page tell/show me immediately what your site offers me?
  • Do you help visitors imagine already owning the products, or using the services you provide?
  • Do the images you show the product being used?
  • Do you speak to visitors as if they already OWN the product or are using the services?
  • Do you offer any special incentives to take action right now? (call to action)
  • Does your site make visitors feel that using your website is safe?
  • How is it for a visitor to figure out how to buy this product or order this service?
  • Can I see at a glance what your payment options are?
  • If I have more questions, how quickly can I see my options for contacting you?
  • Do you show me where to find more related products or services on your site?

One way to see how well your pages content is working is with the use of analytics. The percentage of visitors entering your website and leaving quickly is called bounce rate. If your bounce rate is high, you need to take a serious look at your website's content.

QuikCall™ will convert more visitors to salesl

The of QuikCall™ is to make it as easy as possible for propects (site visitors) to speak with you and get the answers they are looking for.

Contact Forms on most websites don't get used. Why? How many times have you completed a web form and didn't get a reponse for days... or even never! Many times you get a response when you are no longer interested. That's the view of most web surfers.

Each minute a prospect waits for answers is another minute that your competitors have to sell them.
Learn more about the benefits of QuikCall™ here.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about Website Analysis.


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